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Is Homeschooling Worth It

Are you considering homeschooling your child?

You might consider some pros and cons that may help you think more clearly about your child’s future.

Get Rid of It and Get On With It

Haven’t we all been here?! Ah, yes, and this is exactly what I teach you all, here and as clients, about ridding yourself of such things, but I also have a bit of ‘me, too’ about all this. My coaching tells you that you have an ever-changing, every-evolving persona, and we need to be ready for that and embrace these changes. That includes adjusting your space and everything in it to suit The New You!

Plastic Bottles May Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Something they never taught us about in nutrition classes as that most everything we eat and drink and many of our cooking meetings put your food in or on plastic. Plastic contains toxic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC) (source). These chemicals also known as “xenoestrogens” mimic oestrogen, as well as other hormones. And hormone disruption can lead to weight gain. It’s not dissimilar to the weight gain found by other hormone disrupters like steriods. (source) (source).

The New Look of Concrete

This new look comes as a result of advanced technology and products that allow us to embark on concrete grinding and polishing that creates a highly smooth and high-gloss surface with a professional finish. No longer simply used for structural purposes, concrete is now a desired aesthetic look that many now desire for their developments.

Homeowner Warranties

When you buy your first home, you are often given a one-year homeowner warranty with your purchase. While this isn’t always the case, for my husband and I it was a true blessing on our first house.

Top 5 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

With 30 years in the renovation industry I can tell you from experience mistakes are common, just hopefully not very costly. Here are the Top 5 #renovation mistakes to avoid to maximize your ROI.

Simple Energy Saving Solutions

After the obvious expenses of home ownership, which includes, saving for the down – payment, monthly mortgage carrying costs, etc, the cost of energy, is often, one of the most significant. Those living in colder climates, must consider, both their cost of electricity, as well as heating fuel (either oil, gas, electric, or other), while those in milder areas, face higher average electric usage.