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Your Telephone Message Says A Lot About You

Those were the early days when you could have fun with your answering machine. It was so new that most people didn’t have them and so it was a novelty to hear an electronic device taking down your message. Nowadays, it’s serious business and it says a lot about you. It especially says a lot about the business you are representing.

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Before You Graduate

Contributor: Thomas Jay Daniels Here are the HARD facts that most college graduates will be facing after school. Not having a job or not having the job that they want, because the days of graduating from school and staying with the same company are dead and over. “Most college graduates will have up to 3…

32 Words That Can Change Your Life

We all have ways of testing opportunities that enter our lives. Some of us just dive right in based on feeling, others walk straight into what they know is right by a gut feeling or intuition. And if it’s not gut feelings or emotions that are the tests of opportunities, it is the logical mind persuading us to ignore those feelings and emotions and test it with our reality of reason.

Qualities of a Good Manager

For a very short while I worked for a company that, although large, hired only women to work for them. My manager was a bully. He didn’t bully women physically, but he did bully them emotionally and he tried to make it seem as though his bullying was for their benefit because it would motivate them to try harder.

Granddad, My School Teacher Says Profit is a Dirty Word

This is the wonder of profit. The business owner is happy, the customers are happy, jobs have been created, tax has been paid, the local area has a smart restaurant, everybody has benefitted and no-one has been hurt. This is the magic of business that I will tell you a lot more about in the coming articles.

How to Have Beginners Luck For Life in Sales

Have you ever experienced beginners luck, where everything seems to go your way the first time you try something new, or do something you haven’t done in a long time? Every shot goes in the hoop, every puck in the net, every pool shot in the side pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice to have beginners luck all the time? The phrase “beginners luck” describes the phenomenon when people who are new to something, and inexplicably outperform so-called “experts.” The question is, why does it happen?

Change One Thing To Produce Better Results Under Pressure

By Bill Stainton John Hypothetical has a big exam coming up, and there’s a lot riding on the outcome. He prepares well for the exam, but he’s understandably nervous. When the big day arrives, he can feel his heart beating fast. Despite all his preparation, John chokes. Emily Imaginary has the same big exam coming…

The Secrets to Finding an Executive Position While Still Employed

Contributor: Erin Kennedy Think Outside the “Networking” Box There are so many different ways to network today. Nowadays, you don’t have to post your executive resume bio online to get a job. The hidden job market is the best way to go about conducting a secret job search. By networking at professional events or through…