From Spirituality

The Great Distraction

What we are all asking ourselves with the COVID-19 shutdowns, Riots, the inhumane death of George Floyd, and the equally inhumane actions of others beating on the elderly and murdering police offers have us all wondering why this is happening and what we can do. Like all of you I’ve been searching for answers. It would seem there is an intentional effort to distract us and keep us from focusing on our relationship with God. So if distracting us is the goal, the good news is that we can fight this in the still quiet moments by working on rekindling…

August Optiscope

An optimist recharges their batteries every once in a while and August is the month for us to get out of our ruts, and shake things up. Free yourself of the time sucks that are weighing you down and focus on fewer more important things that really matter. Give your routine a little love and it will pay you back in multiples.

Finding Good in Our World

I, on the other hand, have a hard time finding good in anything even though I try so hard. That just demonstrates the difference between us. They say opposites attract, and so we have a very strong attraction here.

Forgiveness Brings Love

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love… “

Empowerment by Faith

There is only one way to cope with the spectrum and diversity of life’s experiences and that is through Faith. There is power in having Faith and there is even more power in ‘knowing’ Faith.

July’s Optiscope

An optimist rocks the body they have while they work on the body they want. So free yourself of the self body shame, and advocate for everyone’s right to feel sensual and alive in their own skin. Embrace a little self-acceptance this weekend and give yourself permission to not only ADMIT that you have quirks, but also to embrace and celebrate them.