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Child Adoptions, What to Expect

When people are not able to have children of their own, biologically, they may resort to child adoption. Also, there may be other people who adopt children who have been neglected or are orphan, just so they can provide them with a family that is helpful and affectionate. Regardless of the reason behind adoptions, it is not a decision to be taken lightly and needs to be carefully thought about.


Is Homeschooling Worth It

Are you considering homeschooling your child?

You might consider some pros and cons that may help you think more clearly about your child’s future.

Taming Toddler Tantrums

Contributor: Angela Kidd There are many ways to work through an outburst without trouble, and here are some of the most effective ways: Prevention is key Make sure that you take time each day to give your child your full attention. Set aside a regular playtime with just the two of you. Point out good…

Simple Ways to Teach Children to be Grateful

Life is not fair, and sometimes it’s up to us parents to bring up a child who will be able to appreciate the little, and big things, that life has to offer. Most parents strive to teach their children to be grateful for the small and big things in their lives. True gratitude can be instilled through small principals.

Bring Out the Best in You and Your Child With This Good Parenting Guide

Although we require a license for doing numerous things in life, there is no requirement of a license for becoming a parent and this is sometimes the most difficult of all our daily activities. These days, parenting is far trickier than it was, even one generation before. Numerous well-intentioned parents are utilizing inefficient and outdated parenting styles. And as a result, they encounter regular stress and frustration in their house.

The Four Parenting Styles

There are just as many parenting styles as there are a number of parents. Experts believe the parenting styles fall into 4 different and identifiable styles: authoritarian, indulgent, authoritative, and uninvolved.

Granddad, My School Teacher Says Profit is a Dirty Word

This is the wonder of profit. The business owner is happy, the customers are happy, jobs have been created, tax has been paid, the local area has a smart restaurant, everybody has benefitted and no-one has been hurt. This is the magic of business that I will tell you a lot more about in the coming articles.

Social Media and the Teenager

As a teenager there are many pressures to contend with. The social and academic pressures of school life, maybe the stress of leaving one school for another, fitting in, being accepted and acceptable, studying, keeping family happy with your progress, are all potentially stressful considerations.

School Kids Don’t Need “Wiggle Chairs.” They Need a Real Recess.

It isn’t easy being a kid these days: the school day has changed a great deal since the current generation of grade school kids’ parents were in school. With a greater emphasis on school work and testing, something in the school day had to disappear to make way for the focus on more academic pursuits like math, science and reading. For many American kids, art, music and recess are endangered parts of their day. What this means is more time trapped in desk chairs and less time moving around, fewer opportunities for open creativity and more rote memorization. It’s no wonder longtime teachers have noticed kids have a harder time sitting still now than ever before.