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In Sickness and In Wealth

Less than 5% of Americans have at least $3000 in savings and no debt. It is no wonder that most consumers struggle with saving money or grasping the concept of building wealth. We are mentally flogged with television and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, signs, posters and even conversations. Whatever the method, it all serves one main purpose – to take your money and make it theirs.

How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Before You Graduate

Contributor: Thomas Jay Daniels Here are the HARD facts that most college graduates will be facing after school. Not having a job or not having the job that they want, because the days of graduating from school and staying with the same company are dead and over. “Most college graduates will have up to 3…

5 Steps to Personal (Financial) Happiness and Balance

We often start planning financial goals using our total monthly or annual pay, which is actually our total salary. But, its income after federal withholding, Social Security taxes, 401-K contributions, flex-spending accounts and other deductions that will be the money we use to meet goals.

Financial Independence: 8 Tips to Achieve It

The goal should not be to get rich in life, it should be to enrich your life. Achieving financial independence is much more than not worrying about finances, creating time freedom, having passive income, and being in a position to live your dreams and help others – it is about reaching our full potential and not letting others define or determine it.

Things To Consider Before Opting For A Debt Consolidation Loan

Consolidating the debt can improve the credit ratings in a few years and this can be a quick fix. In some cases, the quick fix solution can bring problems, especially in that case when the loan borrowers are in the upside down on the consolidation loan. But otherwise, this can help the loan borrowers in combining the payments, while making it really easy to keep up the payments.

Profitable Yard Sale Tips

This summer I sat in the driveway of a good friend for her yard sale. We had a few visitors, but most of those were her friends. It’s a shame because she had some seriously nice stuff at ridiculously low prices. I left with a mini-van full of stuff that I’m currently enjoying.

So what went wrong? It took some quick research to find this article from EveryDollar, and as I should have expected, you just can’t fake being prepared.

Being Financially Stable

By Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales If saving for retirement is a struggle, imagine yourself if you lost a job. More and more people really take care of their own retirement security. To avoid unnecessary financial constraints, create a plan to reduce debt as you approach retirement. Design your savings and spending plans. Retirement planning is definitely…