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One Rule to Live Longer, Look Younger and Be Healthier

So ageing, extending life and improving health (and looks!) at an old age… It seems science has gone right back to basics on this one. And there is one simple principle that emerges time and again with every study on longevity: eat less.

The Princess and the Pea-sized Tumor

When living with a rare disease, you often have to wait until you’re a textbook case before you can be properly diagnosed and connected to therapy. Until then, you’ll often have to go through one misdiagnosis after another, and solutions that don’t solve your underlying problem. This is true for Cushies. Those folks who suffer from Cushing’s Disease. “Cushies” is a name they give themselves. Some attribute it to the fat deposits that come from the disorder, others are more focused on the moon face that is often attributed to the disease.

Grief is a Journey, Not a Destination

I am no longer the woman I was, but then having gone through this journey, how could I expect, or want, to return to who I had been? Indeed, as the years folded one into another, I had no need to rehash the past. It was behind me as it should be, neither forgotten nor dwelled upon.

Intermittent Fasting for Beginners

One place I always go to learn new things is You Tube. And as I was searching Keto, a lot of videos about Intermittent Fasting came up. I picked one and started watching. The guy on the video said something that rings in my ears every single day. “We all know how to lose weight, just stop eating.” So I did. I started with a 12 hour window of not eating, then 13 until I was at a full day fast every now and then. I can still have sweets in small quantities, I can eat dinner with my family eating the same meal they do, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds so far this year. I probably would have lost more but there are always sweets in the house and I have no control.

Thanks To Affordable and Reliable In-home Caregiver Service Plus Technology Life Is Much Brighter

It’s often a tough choice for families to make when helping an elderly family member. You’d sure feel guilty if you made the wrong decision and you’d never want anyone making the wrong decision for you, if you were the one needing care. So when it comes to facility care or in-home care, the choice must be made with compassion, it must come from the heart – what’s best, and if it were me, what would I want?

5 Foods that Improve Eyesight

Some of the most common vision problems that people face are refractive errors. Refractive errors may cause a blurry vision either for far off objects or for nearby objects. These two conditions are known as farsightedness and nearsightedness respectively.

When You Must Dance, Pray It’s Voluntary

What if you HAD to dance? What if your freedom of movement was replaced with involuntary movement. And by dance, I mean Chorea, one of the many movement disorders associated with rare diseases. What would you do then? A woman who lives near me had an involuntary movement in her leg followed by severe pain while Christmas shopping. At first she thought it was associated with a previous back injury, it wasn’t. She sought help, but medications, including steroids, left her with a different personality, and therapy didn’t eliminate the problem.

Stay Independent of the Mob this Fourth

Often the topic of conversations these days is what happened to civility in America? We used to get along for the most part, and even if we didn’t understand another person’s perspective, we certainly didn’t threaten them with physical violence, shame them out of restaurants, or try to close their businesses because they disagreed with our lifestyle. What happened to all those nice “Coexist” bumper stickers?

Plastic Bottles May Make it Harder to Lose Weight

Something they never taught us about in nutrition classes as that most everything we eat and drink and many of our cooking meetings put your food in or on plastic. Plastic contains toxic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC) (source). These chemicals also known as “xenoestrogens” mimic oestrogen, as well as other hormones. And hormone disruption can lead to weight gain. It’s not dissimilar to the weight gain found by other hormone disrupters like steriods. (source) (source).