Developing Faith – How You Can Know For Certain That You Have Faith

Contributor: Carole Williams

There are some people who during times of doubt or anxiety, or even during general day to day challenges of life, question their faith. They ask themselves the question, “How can I know for certain that I do have faith?” or some ask, “How can I get faith?”

Questions such as these indicate that the questioner does not yet have the true concept of faith and that their whole basis of faith is in question.

Faith is often referred to as a religious identifier. “What faith are you?”, is often heard. “Are you a Christian, New Age, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Bahá’í, do you not believe in religion, or are you simply spiritual?”

Many people think of this type of faith as impractical, unrealistic, or just a ‘leap in the dark’. Once we take “faith” out of the air of religious mystery and place it in the hands of practical application, it becomes something worthy of serious exploration.

Imagine a small child standing on a chair. He and his father are playing a game where he jumps confidently from the chair into the arms of his father, giggling in amusement. Suddenly, his father flicks off the electric light and shouts to the child, “Jump! Trust me I will catch you”. Naturally the child hesitates. How can he be sure his father will catch him? Will his father be in the exact spot where he lands? “Jump”, the father repeats, “If you do, I will buy that toy that you wanted!” As the youngster wants the toy, so badly, he takes a deep breath and jumps. His father catches him and all is well. He will then get the promised reward.

Isn’t that how many people regard faith?

Let’s look at faith from a different angle. Look around you! Every time you sit on a chair, you have faith that it will hold you up. Every time you turn on a light switch you exhibit the faith that you have, knowing that the light will come on and illuminate the place you are in. We exhibit faith when we drive a car, when we travel in an airplane as

We depend on the skill of the pilots. We take medication of various kinds, having faith that they will cure or relieve our sickness. We all have a measure of faith in something or someone.

Faith has no physical basis, we cannot see it, we cannot touch it, it must therefore exist on another level, which is spiritual in nature. Faith is an awareness of one’s own power. Not, being ‘tested’ by an outside intelligence! Not a reckless plunge, hoping that there will be something or someone to soften the landing! Faith in action is the natural and logical use of a power that is already there for the express purpose of it being used. Faith is a force and a silent one at that.

The Bible states in Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Does this mean faith is solely a Christian privilege, because this definition is Biblical? Not at all! The Christian faith is based upon faith in a God we cannot see, but with whom we have a relationship. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Faith is the key to experiencing God. Think about this: faith involves the use of imagination, creativity, understanding, obedience, and trust, just to name a few. Some people say “How can I become aware of my power, so that I may have true faith?” The answer is two fold.

  • Watch the power of faith manifesting in the lives of others. Read books that contain the testimonies of others who have experienced situations, which resulted in the use of the power of their faith and its successful results, oftentimes miraculous results. The Holy Bible is a great place to start, observe the ministry of Jesus in the New Testament.
  • Watch the power of faith manifesting in your own life. People do have the power of faith and are using it all the time in everyday life; they just do not recognize it as faith. Begin observing your use of faith in everyday life. Start to watch it and just like a toddler with its early walking, start to use your faith and so strengthen it by action.

Faith doesn’t have to be a leap in the dark. Faith is knowing that you have an inner, creative power and faith in action is using that power.

Carole Williams who resides in the United Kingdom is the owner of an online Christian cafe called The Faith Lounge.

She is passionate about sharing PRACTICAL ways on living a SPIRIT FILLED LIFESTYLE OF FAITH for the glory of God in a refreshing way.

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