August Optiscope

Contributor: Ann Poorboy

An optimist recharges their batteries every once in a while and August is the month for us to get out of our ruts, and shake things up. Free yourself of the time sucks that are weighing you down and focus on fewer more important things that really matter. Give your routine a little love and it will pay you back in multiples.

If you aren’t sure how, focus heavily on the picture of who you want to be, and work towards that. It’s always a winner.


Hey Ramsies, your routines this month will be shaken up with something new. it could be a new project, a flash of creativity or a new romance. We know it takes you a while to get things started, but this month it’s important to get things going sooner rather than later. And try to have some fun with this newness. Save all that pent up seriousness for another time, except when it comes to your income and finances. The holidays are coming, make sure you save up a little.


For my Bullish friends, do you ever stop being so busy. For you take a good look at your weekly routine, and see where you can cut back on things not focused on home and family. Because, this month all that business is going to bring some rewards, and you don’t want to be so busy that you don’t have time to enjoy the rewards.

This will be easy for you this month because you’re going to find that relationships at work are easier for yo this month. Once others see you focused on the people around you – they’re going to see a side you don’t often show and respect you for it.


Make time in your schedule to spend more time at home and in your neighborhood. New friendships may be just around the corner, literally. And your home life will be a pleasant refuge from Start a new project this month for self improvement. So find that book you’ve been dying to read and go for it. Seek a little refuge for yourself from your otherwise busy social calendar.


For my crabby darlings, you and your love of shiny objects need to spend a little time recharging your finances. Look for any issues that you need to resolve concerning your property and finances and address them before the month is over. Once you’re sure everything is in order – and we know how carefully you will do this – then it’s time to bring some new energy into your home with something that you don’t need but that brings you joy every time you look at it. Just use a little restraint when picking it out so you don’t over-spend.


Man, your mane is going to shine this month. August is about new beginnings and for you the recharge will be on a personal level. It’s time to start visualizing your future. Responsibilities are going to pile on for the next months, but they are there to teach you what you need to know for the next phase of your life. Pay attention.

Once you have a clear vision in mind, prepare to put substantial energy into achieving that vision. You have the best chance to monetize your ambitions the first through the 15th. However, don’t spend that money just yet because the second half of the month will bring an opportunity to close an open matter.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the quiet reflective period you enjoyed in Joy. For you, the recharge is to start socializing again. When you do embrace your ability to compromise and everyone you meet will be impressed by your charm.

This month will also reveal that quiet worry you’ve been carrying around and your friends can help you once that comes to light. Even though you aren’t going to want to talk about it, but as the month progresses, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing.

While this month is the start of new projects for the other signs, you should spend some time in deep reflection about what you want from life. Make some long term plans, but don’t act on them until you know why you’re feeling so anxious lately.


The time you spend taking care of those less fortunate is commendable and something you should continue this month. As usual, your schedule is filled with service to others. The good will you create will ensure a like response from those around you. After the 5th you’ll see opportunities presented so long as you find the right group partners.

After the 17th, your recharge really kicks in. You’ll need to be a little less selfless and fight for what is rightfully yours. When you do, you’ll enjoy a period of growth and development and even a bit more freedom.


Your recharge is all about your career, but that seems like the same ol same ol doesn’t it. Still within that there is a new beginning for you too, because all that hard work will produce some new rewards. If you have prepared well, this could be your greatest success.

As usual this is going to put a strain on your home life so make sure your routine includes some balance. This includes nurturing your friendships.
You have the energy to achieve both this month.


Everyone who isn’t a Sagittarius is going to need your quick wit this month. Your off hand remarks will be just the ticket to brightening their days, and yours. And you know you need it. You’ve been feeling underappreciated lately so a change of scenery is just the thing you need to relax all that tension. So get out there! An educational trip would be just the ticket for you to revamp your routine. Just don’t venture too far from home.

Pay close attention when you get back to your health and career. Revamp your routine even farther but starting a new diet and fitness routine.


You need to recharge your approach to things you own jointly with others. You know how the responsibilities in your life weigh you down. It’s time to find a new solution. You should find one by the end of the month. Just stay disciplined. Recharge your routine by making a plan for the month and knocking off the things you don’t enjoy, but need to do, first.

Recharge your creative self this month. You’ll need this outlet especially if you’re a parent. When you worry, your children will react.


Start fresh and with a clean page when it comes to your closest relationships. New beginnings are always possible. Doing so will make those relationships even stronger, and weaker relationships will start to fall away. Let them. Spend your energy on the ones that really enjoy connecting with you. You’ll find those relationships become even stronger.

You may find that your ideas face opposition and you may find it difficult to compromise. Try to be a bit more sensitive to their needs and listen carefully to what they have to say. Remember part of the way you want it is for them to appreciate it too.


For my sensitive fish friends, your routine needs some shaking up with your nutrition and diet needs. Put those comfort foods to the side this month and focus on revamping your health. The positive energy you gain will help you find new solutions to work issues as you find yourself with more responsibilities. Try to be patient when waiting for recognition, and try not to be so defensive should any criticisms come your way. You know in your heart you will come around and that your perseverance will pay off later.

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