What Optimistic People Know that You May Have Missed

Contributor: Ann Poorboy

I’ve been fascinated by human behavior for as long as I can remember. One of the many things I’ve learned is that happy and optimistic people seem to thrive, realists seem to survive somehow, and pessimists seem to attract more than their fair share of unhappiness.

If life were like a radio station, your emotional presence seems to “tune” you in to a particular station giving you even more of what you focus on. I have often said that worry is a prayer for that thing you do not want and I truly believe that. While we all have bad days, optimists will either find a way to turn those moments into learning opportunities, or simply shrug it off as being merely temporary. Our ability to achieve happiness and stay content is heavily dependent on our ability to navigate change with a sense of composure.

One of my proudest accomplishments is overcoming unbelievably difficult circumstances and family losses that I thought would break me. My path through those moments was to do two things, make peace with what was, and remember that it was only one situation out of many. I had to connect with my higher self and make peace with God.

If you’re facing a similar cycle of negative events, if live is bringing you down. Take a moment and temporarily excuse yourself from the pain. Try to focus on aspect of your lives that bring you joy and lift your spirits. Find something that makes you feel blessed. Even if it’s just the ability to see the beauty of a flower, or hear music, focus on the things that bring you joy and relief and change your emotional station.

They allow themselves to temporarily step away from those moments that are bringing them down or are causing them pain and immediately begin to focus on aspects of their lives that bring them joy and lift their spirits. They feel blessed for the things that life has given them rather than curse the things life has denied them or the unwanted things life is throwing at them.

This isn’t to say you should entirely ignore that you are going through a difficult time, but if you can find even a little laughter in a tough situation or remember that “this too shall pass.” You’ll be able to more quickly lead yourself to a better station. Make a power shift that involves as much of your entire being as possible. Engage your thoughts, your spirit, and your physical being in those moments of positivity.

Building positivity is like building a muscle. And the more you practice, the better at it you will be. Being able to create a power shift in focus is one habit that can have a tremendous impact on your life. How optimists respond to difficulty is the game changer that allows them to thrive. So while you can’t prevent unwanted moments, you can decide to learn from them and create a plan to move past them.

When you change your emotional station, in other words, your attention, to the things that give you a sense of well-being. You are replenishing your spirit and feeding your soul. It is a way to recharge your emotional battery and give you the fortitude you’ll need to move past a bad event. Once you’ve recharged, you’ll be in a better position to face the situation that is causing you stress, you will find it less overwhelming. When you aren’t overwhelmed, you’ll be in a better position to find the answers you need to make your plan forward.

When you temporarily step away from challenging situations and steer your attention to something that makes you feel good, you are thereby replenishing your spirit and nourishing your soul, the very essence of who you are. You are recharging your inner battery with the emotional fortitude needed to forge ahead. When you do go back to face the situation that is causing unease in your life, which inevitably you must do, you will feel less overwhelmed and the answers will come to you  more readily. This is because you’ve calmed your nervous system down to the point where you can embrace the situation, rather than have the situation control you.

No matter what happens in life, the sun will rise tomorrow. By practicing positivity, and refusing to give up, you’ll grow your personal power.

A shift in focus, even a brief one, will have a profound and long-lasting impact on how you deal with challenges now and in the future. So no matter how many tears you’ve shed, or how many times you’ve wanted to scream, there’s another opportunity to smile in your future.

So practice positivity. Allow yourself to step away from moments that are bringing you down and focus on aspects of yourself that lift you up. Find things to that make you feel grateful. Bless the things that life has given you, rather than cursing what you are lacking. And always find the laughter during tough times. This is what happy, successful, optimistic people know.

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