Making Sunday Dinner Special

Contributor: Marie Antoinette Fornillos

We like Sundays and we desire Sunday dinner to be special. But due to the lack of time to cook, we resort to buying special food from a restaurant. There is nothing wrong with this of course. Although homemade or store-bought foods are not only limited to Sunday dinners, it is, however, the most common Sunday dinner food we are all so familiar of. For the kids, whether it is store-bought or home cooked they are carefree. Should you find time cooking for Sunday dinner, don’t you think you can spice things up and make a difference?

Yes you can!

A lot of us are inclined to put our best efforts when preparing the foods we appreciate rather than foods that we feel as though a chore to make. There are many healthy recipes and you have the options to choose non-calorie or no-fat dishes. All you need to do is to be creative so you do not make the same exact dish in the same exact platter during Sunday dinners that your kids will think it’s the only dish you can prepare. Since Mom cooked the food, kids are sure to love it, so you now have an edge to get started.

The best ones are casserole recipes. They are old-classic favorites. Start with cheesy ones and you’ll have them keep relishing. There are magazines that offer healthier eating options featuring casseroles, large salads, or even healthy desserts that are affordable and easy to prepare. You can even mix up the menu a bit for something fresh to the eyes, or let family members vote on what the menu will be. This is a fun way to find a special meal for Sunday dinner.

Know what your family enjoys. If they like stews, you can pick a wonderful crock-pot recipe that you can allow to cook while you take your beauty rest. It’s as simple as loading your slow cooker with the appropriate ingredients, turn it on and let it do the cooking. The delicious stuffing of your favorite ingredients slow-cooked together will fill your home with pleasant aroma and everyone will be excited for Sunday dinner. You can even ask your children to help slice and mince baked chicken recipe ingredients. They will be excited watching as the chicken bakes. Incorporating fresh ideas into your Sunday dinner can invite appetite among little ones and will make their every Sunday dinner unique and delicious.

Put your spirits high with a new-looking dessert. They are almost always a good bet and you will get very few, or even no complains at all about them regardless. Desserts are by far the best way to go in this effort which you can make on Saturday night to chill on the refrigerator. You can try non-alcoholic topical cocktails or punches. Make a combination of fruit essences and put them on your ice cubes. There are inexpensive designer trays that you can use to come up in a variety of fun shapes and sizes. This idea will fill your Sunday with the most flavorful beverage. Little efforts will let the kids feel this is something more than the everyday.

Sunday dinner cooking doesn’t have to be as nerve-racking as many of us make it out to be. We simply need to appreciate our efforts with the thought that it’s for the people we love. You and your family will not only enjoy good food and good times together but you’ll be relieved with leftovers as you can simply enjoy rotating those recipes for use at home. Children are amazed with new things, so they would grab your new dish down to the last bite. If you’re a mom, you’re used to this.

This tried and true technique is a great way to make Sunday dinner cooking quick and easy. The moment you’ll start collecting recipes that you love, it will also blossom your passion for cooking and in time turn you a master of your own guilt-free entrées.

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