Get Rid of It and Get On With It

Contributor: Rhonda McNett

I ran across a great old cartoon recently which tells you where I’m going with this month’s newsletter. Two ladies are talking and one shares that she has a sweater that she has never worn. Her friend says, “So, get rid of it.” Her friend replies that she can’t, because as long as she has it, she doesn’t have to admit she paid good money for it!

Haven’t we all been here?! Ah, yes, and this is exactly what I teach you all, here and as clients, about ridding yourself of such things, but I also have a bit of ‘me, too’ about all this. My coaching tells you that you have an ever-changing, every-evolving persona, and we need to be ready for that and embrace these changes. That includes adjusting your space and everything in it to suit The New You!

One of the biggest changes for me was the realization, many years ago now, that I was no longer going to reside in the Corporate World. I gladly donated/sold my beautiful suits, got rid of the high heels and nylons and all the paraphernalia that goes along with that. One last thing, though, took me a long time to finally ditch: my brass name plate! Can you just imagine how silly that is? Sheesh…

It was, truly, acknowledging that part of my life was over and done with, and I most certainly didn’t need it on my desk as a solo-preneur! Can’t remember what I did with it – it’s probably in a landfill somewhere (my bad) – but I remember the relief in acknowledging that a ‘new me’ was now ready to blossom and grow. Hooray!

So, one more pile to deal with now, related to the above cartoon: years ago, I purchased and enrolled in a productivity certification system that seemed like it might take my business to ‘the next level.’ Not only did dole out over a $1000 for the program, related books and materials, but I convinced a colleague to do the same! And, then? The team involved decided to retire and all was for naught! UGH!

While we might have been allowed to profer some of the materials and coaching within specific parameters, just the thought of presenting any bit of it out of those parameters was legally daunting. I did not need a lawsuit over something that like! So, for years the pile has sat in my bookshelf, taking up needed space!

OK, heed my lesson here: GET RID of stuff that causes you any sense of negativity or angst! Meet the New You with excitement and have the space allowed to do just that! I’m doing that today, before I even get showered and into my day, and then can rearrange the books I do refer to, read and reread in the space I’ve so needed, instead of being on top of other books!

WOW! Do I feel better? Do I feel powerful? Do I feel ready to meet new challenges and adventures, instead of grousing on ‘what might have been’? You bet! Regrets? Not a one!

Here’s to your success in jumping in and finding something that’s been bugging you! Onward toward positivity in change and owning your present, instead of being bogged down by your past!!! Yahoo!!!

Rhonda McNett, Sensible Organizing Strategies, an organizing consultant committed to providing a supportive and rewarding organizing experience through client education, cooperative involvement and ongoing encouragement. Check out my website for tips, resources and workshop information.


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