Empowerment by Faith

Contributor: Simone Galy-Laquis

There is only one way to cope with the spectrum and diversity of life’s experiences and that is through Faith. There is power in having Faith and there is even more power in ‘knowing’ Faith.

‘Faith breathes life into one’s being and gives one a soul that knows to love, hope and trust, a soul that yearns Goodness and lasts forever’.

That is my definition of Faith as I know it from my experiences in life.

The Bible states in 1 John 5: 3-5, “This is what loving God is-by keeping his commandments…because anyone who has been begotten by God has already overcome the world; this is the victory over the world-our Faith.”

There is much skepticism and suspicion revolving around this topic of Faith. People say that Faith is beyond human reasoning. Some say Faith was suggested to regulate society. Some say it is delusionary and all superstition. Some believe Faith to be a logical defense mechanism. And of course some believe what the bible says and people say they have blind faith and there is power in that all the same. I will tell you this today with certainty, Faith is a process, our journey, and Faith is a Treasure worth hunting down. I have no evidence, only that life’s experiences have revealed to me that Faith is real and happening and is the means to conquer all.

Whilst it may be true to say that blind faith succeeds in overcoming difficulties, it is my hope today to reveal to you much more. Essentially, the Joy that comes with Faith in God as one decides to gain access to the Source so to speak is overwhelming and the power of God is imminent. For those who are atheists, I urge you to still continue reading.

I was born into Roman Catholicism and I still am a Roman Catholic. I have read the bible twice and each time I deduced various different meanings to its content, some things even contradicted Catholicism, which is an whole other subject for debate. Fundamentally I found that the thread running throughout the bible was Faith. Growing up I was always searching for deeper meanings to life (I even went as far as studying five other different Religions and their beliefs) and journeyed on many various paths in my quest to know God, though at the time I was not even aware that I was in search of anything necessarily, indeed it was a journey full of suffering, mistakes, derailment, many great challenges, pain, sadness and Joy! In so doing, I was able to unveil the Truth and I cannot be sure if it was ‘written in my heart ‘ from birth or if it became ‘engraved in my heart’ as a result of experiences. Either way, the point is I discovered the reality of our immortal souls and its potential strength through trust and Faith in the unknown, and though it may not always be what one expects or hope for, I can assure you that one ought to ‘keep the Faith’ and trust in the Master of all forces whom I call God. In this way one is able to accept the bitter with the sweet in life, with a heart full of gratitude and a mind and soul that are balanced. I learnt this intrinsically.

Many argue and question this belief, but I tell you that what I am divulging to you today is not merely a belief; it is real knowledge yielded through hardships that sculptured me and bequeathed onto me the limitlessness of God and the powerlessness of man. Signs were shown to me everywhere to display God’s everywhereness and everythingness. As my awareness of God’s presence ripened, I began to ‘see’ his Grandeur. The magic of each experience lingered in spite of pain, Joy and what have you, leaving me with: a measure of well-being, a sort of peace, a wealth of resilience and inner strength, a spirit of gratitude and contentment, an wholesome spiritual outlook, a keen awareness that one would want to nurture, a kind of trust and confidence that counteracts those who mock, insult, scheme, hate, pervert justice, a Faith that liberates me from anxiety and worry, a Faith that is beyond the price of diamonds, a Faith that is priceless. One must not be afraid of crises or to take risks for fear of making mistakes or failures..for it is at that very point that this sort of enlightenment occurs.

The problem that faces the world today is that everyone wants specifics, proof, sensationalisation and this contradicts the ‘victoriousness’ of Faith itself. I will not give details as it is not for giving. I can only tell you that each and every person must seek ‘it’ out, ‘it’ being that inner gut feeling inside that we all avoid confronting for fear of the unknown as it were. You’ve got to face ‘it’, explore ‘it’, grasp ‘it’ nurture ‘it’, curb ‘it’, fearlessly. ‘It’ may seem risky, but in challenging ‘it’ one learns to discern and make sound judgments. The only speculation and planning required is a little meditation, some reflection and a lot of elaboration.

I cannot know what people are thinking but I must tell you from my own experience that thoughts, as is the spoken word, are things of which one wants to be cautious. Many have spoken and lived to eat ones’ words and I have witnessed it and as can well be imagined one would want to purify one’s thoughts and deeds as well. One needs to think/speak/do, but think/speak/do so carefully, humbly and responsibly, which brings me to my next point. There is a God and He listens and waits and watches and intervenes. So be patient and kind always. Get busy, read, work, and help others so that thoughts do not stray idly into depression, anger or negativity.

Scientists cannot prove God’s presence, but they too “know” there is a sense of His presence everywhere and He governs justly. They will not confirm the possibility of eternal spirits and speak vaguely about unexplained ‘magnetic forces’ found here or there. Scientists look at Faith as a presupposition taught from parents because there is just not sufficient evidence to justify the deathlessness and everlastingness of a spirit yearning for a God, and there is much power in this process, the power of Faith. These are real processes that are occurring right now in people’s lives everywhere. Some recognize ‘it’ and run with their instincts, seeking intellectual perfection and Scientists will not emphasize to you the significance of an elaborate intellect because they need evidence for that too. So while Scientists are confusing everyone and people are losing Faith, Hope and Love, Life, so full of apparent contradictions, will not only always remain a mystery, but life will seem unbearably difficult to many. However, there is much significance in the bettering of oneself and the feeding of one’s intellect simultaneously with good intentions, with honesty and generosity…and this coupled with Faith enables us to live a fulfilling, happy and victorious life.

I can safely say that Love gives us hope and hope gives us Faith, and this is not some kind of figment of one’s imagination. Faith is ‘the journey’ that gives one the courage and fortitude to overcome the difficulties/obstacles in the world and we’re all in it right now, harmoniously, hopefully allowing for ‘mistakes’, and rising above restriction, with big-heartedness and kindness, so we can all be unleashed, responsible thinkers and doers, givers and receivers of Happiness, with and without shortcomings and it is all both biblical as well as cyclical. Faith does not collapse in the midst of calamity, Faith is indestructible in times of vulnerability, and instead of feeding the need to put a stroke of a judgmental brush or even to be on the receiving end of one, Faith teaches one to be tolerant, temperate and moderate. People may perceive this as coldness, but it is actually ‘knowingness’ that God ‘is’ and this empowers you to ‘overcome the world’. (the world being people with their ‘bad ways’) People with Faith are essentially unshakable and wake up every day with new eyes, renewed eyesight, insight, that give them ‘victory over the world’ as was quoted centuries ago in the bible and such people of Faith can be said to be ‘begotten by God’ so that they are able to discard little everyday irrelevant issues easily. And this is the Truth, it works…Faith is the process of getting to know God, through one’s interconnectness with others, by which one is enabled to conquer all and exist forever…Faith is all over the place, in every religious document, (Emunah) and hopefully throughout the world, breathing strength and life into souls for eternity.

by Simone Galy-Laquis

Simone Galy-Laquis was born and bred in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. At the age of sixteen she went to England to further her education. Two years later she returned to her homeland to manage one of her father’s businesses. By age nineteen she fell in love and married by age twenty-one. By thirty-one she had five children. She has enjoyed writing poetry since the age of six and has three published poems. Now at forty-three she spends her free time writing. She has a collection of sixty historical and inspirational unpublished poems.

How has faith played a factor in your life?


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