Senior Independent Living, Bridging the Gap Between Wants and Needs

Contributor: C. Meyman

Maintaining one’s independent way of living is important for all individuals, and in particular seniors. As they get older, oftentimes seniors lose some of their abilities to function like they once did, but that doesn’t mean that they also lose their will to do so. A senior independent living facility provides the means for the elderly to maintain their independence while offering them access to the physical assistance they might need.

In California, in fact, senior independent living is such a hot button topic that it has been taken to the state legislature. As San Luis Obispo Times’ recently reported, among the top proposals being put up for consideration in California is “AP-10, which would require that all senior independent living facilities have at least one staff member trained in basic emergency treatment.”

The purpose of this proposal – and other ones like it – “is to help preserve and enhance the quality of life for older Californians and their families.” A high-quality senior living facility understands the importance of this quality of life for both its residents and their loved ones. To that end, it goes to great lengths to ensure its senior community residents enjoy all the amenities and creature comforts of home they are seeking.

At the same time, a top-notch facility takes immense strides to eliminate the isolation and/or loneliness that can arise at senior homes. Making senior residents’ and their loved ones’ concerns its number one priority is a mission all senior independent living centers should embrace. Above all else, the best ones incorporate the highest standards of personal dignity, respect, quality of life and compassion for seniors.

WebMD recently addressed the topic of independent living for people with dementia. Living on their own can be difficult enough for seniors without adding brain dysfunction to the mix. And the health experts stress that such a goal can still be accomplished: “Addressing safety, medical issues key to independent living” for people with dementia.

The article focused on keeping dementia patients home as long as possible, but when that option is no longer feasible, a senior independent living facility can help address the “numerous health, safety and supportive care needs that aren’t being met,” according to a new study in the December issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Indeed, the study showed that just one percent of senior Alzheimer / dementia patients were having all of their needs met in terms of “safety, health, meaningful activities, legal issues and estate planning, assistance with activities of daily living and medication management.” That’s where a senior independent living center can bridge the gap. Such a facility expertly and compassionately attends to guests’ health and safety needs while, at the same time, allowing them to take advantage of a vibrant social scene as well as take part in a wide range of cultural activities.

When a safe, comfortable and convenient living arrangement is called for without surrendering one’s full independence, a senior independent living home is the ideal solution. What’s more, such a facility affords residents a place where memories can be made and friendships can be formed.

The McGregor Home offers several housing options for the retirement community including senior independent living.

Source: EZine

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