Happy Anniversary to Us

Contributor: Gini Cunningham

I met my husband about 45 years ago. He had walked into the café where I worked, asked a friend out for a date, I accompanied another guy, and then when there was a chance, we switched dates. Something magical existed from the outset, something that has continued to grow over the years. Today we celebrate our 41st anniversary – wow, how the time has flown by. What is it that attracts a couple and then keeps them together? I guess there are many things but especially luck, love, and friendship. With so many trails and side-paths, possibilities and opportunities in life, I guess it is hard to imagine how any couple survives.

To begin with, we have common principles and morals. We believe in dedication and hard work, attention to detail while never forgetting the fun in life, and working as a twosome and also letting each other fly with independence. It is knowing when and where and how and why along with some fine tuning and fortunate circumstances that these years have produced such happiness. We have taught together, coached together, farmed together, and raised a family. We have built, torn down, fabricated, and made do. We endured rough times when robbing the kids’ piggy banks to buy milk became a necessity just as we have enjoyed prosperity, a prosperity that permits us to do as we want without much worry as to finances. We have planned and saved, guiding toward a comfortable present as well as future.

We tell the truth – to each other, to our children, to our family, and to our friends. Occasionally this in not easy as silence seems safer but honesty makes all the difference. We have been loyal employees working as a team with respect and determination. We have also worked as partners in our farming adventure and in our all-round home life. We have viewed our future, rearranged the scheme of things as necessary, and then continued on. There have been a couple of bumps, primarily misunderstandings or misinterpretations but we have talked and wrangled and come out on top. This deep connectedness makes our communication flow with ease. There is no doubt or wonder just joy and wonderment.

From the beginning of our marriage we have been united to make it strong and everlasting. People talk about the hard work of marriage, but I see it more as the give and take, the compromise. I love to have my way but I recognize that this isn’t always necessary. I have discovered that doing things differently than my original plan helps me expand and grow. Possibilities become excitingly endless. I know my husband can be quite set in his ways, too, but he is also willing to bend and adjust. He supports me in my endeavors, more so all of the time. He understands this tick I have to go wild getting things done and he helps me reach success. Forty-one years have zipped by in a flash, years filled with indescribable richness and love. I just wish that there could be forty-one more.

Source: EZine

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