From June, 2019

Empowerment by Faith

There is only one way to cope with the spectrum and diversity of life’s experiences and that is through Faith. There is power in having Faith and there is even more power in ‘knowing’ Faith.

Financial Independence: 8 Tips to Achieve It

The goal should not be to get rich in life, it should be to enrich your life. Achieving financial independence is much more than not worrying about finances, creating time freedom, having passive income, and being in a position to live your dreams and help others – it is about reaching our full potential and not letting others define or determine it.

Teaching Your Dog to be Independent

Some dogs are naturally more confident and independent that others from birth. In every litter there are puppies that are more outgoing and independent. Someone is always going to be the leader. But even if you have a puppy or dog that is not the leader of the pack you can still do a lot to help your dog feel confident and independent.

Senior Independent Living, Bridging the Gap Between Wants and Needs

Maintaining one’s independent way of living is important for all individuals, and in particular seniors. As they get older, oftentimes seniors lose some of their abilities to function like they once did, but that doesn’t mean that they also lose their will to do so. A senior independent living facility provides the means for the elderly to maintain their independence while offering them access to the physical assistance they might need.

Independent You: How to Free Yourself for a Loving Intimate Relationship

We all love to celebrate Independence Day: fire-works, parties, drinking and eating, being with friends, maybe even with lovers (if we have one at the time). And we keep celebrating Independence Day once a year, year in, year out, as if this is something which has been engraved into our yearly routine, became part of our life-style, for ages.

8 Tips for When You’ve Not Socialized in a While

If you’re a new parent, have perhaps had a change in personal circumstances, moved location or introduced a new lifestyle and are now being offered opportunities to go out when you’ve not socialized in a while it can be hard to motivate yourself to leave the house and make the effort to join in.

July’s Optiscope

An optimist rocks the body they have while they work on the body they want. So free yourself of the self body shame, and advocate for everyone’s right to feel sensual and alive in their own skin. Embrace a little self-acceptance this weekend and give yourself permission to not only ADMIT that you have quirks, but also to embrace and celebrate them.

The New Look of Concrete

This new look comes as a result of advanced technology and products that allow us to embark on concrete grinding and polishing that creates a highly smooth and high-gloss surface with a professional finish. No longer simply used for structural purposes, concrete is now a desired aesthetic look that many now desire for their developments.